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If you've ever followed Dr. Sebi or his teachings, then you've heard him speak of Sea Moss.  There are tons of different forms of sea moss. Our Sea Moss strand is called Eucheuma Cottinii (spinosum). Although we could never claim our sea moss or any sea moss to be used as a cure for cancer,  studies have shown Eucheuma Cottini  to have been used to shrink cancerous tumors while at the same time not harming other cells. This strand is very much similar to all the other sea weed species in the Caribbean because they share the same genealogy. You can find it along the coasts of the Atlantic Ocean. It only grows in waters that move (SWAY).   It's amazing how God works! Our Sea Moss is sourced directly from the Caribbean in St. Lucia.

Sea Moss provide a rich source of macronutrients (larger amounts) , micronutrients (smaller amounts) and bioactive compounds (promote good health).

Sea Moss has a HOST of amazing benefits, here a just a few

*Binds Radioactive Activity (5g towers)

*Calcium which is great for strengthening bones


*Bromine  *Vitamin A  *B Vitamins  *Magnesium  *Vitamin C              

*Vitamin D  *Vitamin E  *Vitamin K  *Protein  *Iodine  *Beta-carotene 


 and much more..


With so many vitamins and minerals, the uses are endless, but listed below are a FEW to consider.

Sea Moss can be used in your everyday routine!  From smoothies, water or even your tasty dressings and desserts as a thickening agent! You can even take a spoonful of Sea Moss gel by itself! 

It can also be used topically on skin to help with

- Eczema


- Natural collagen


 Ingesting benefits


 -Anti bacterial 

 -constipation, chest congestion, digestive disorders, heartburn, and ulcers. 

-Helps Rid the body of mucus 

 - Thyroid health


This is a 100% natural wild crafted organic product, however we are not doctors and cannot guarantee results. Results are based on your faith in the product, your diet, water intake and even daily exercise routine. Consult with your doctor before use.

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